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Embrace Your Spiritual Journey!


I offer channeling & mediumship as a guide toward your own discovery. Together, let's explore the depths of your soul and unlock the magic within.


Meet Michelle

I am a dedicated Medium and Channeler committed to supporting individuals on their spiritual journey towards insight and growth. With each reading, I am captivated by the revelations spirit unveils and eagerly anticipates playing a role in your quest for hope and inspiration. My expertise spans various domains, including my certification as a Spiritual Advisor, proficiency as a Psychic Medium, skill as a Spirit Artist, and capacity as a Healer. Additionally, I serve as a knowledgeable Teacher, accomplished Author, engaging Speaker, and insightful Channeler, offering a multifaceted approach to spiritual enlightenment and empowerment.

Michelle Henderson
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25,000 Miles of Channeling

I am going on a Spritual Tour with Sara!!


Within my practice, I channel the timeless wisdom of Sarah, a companion to Jesus. These profound messages are intended for those on a quest for spiritual enlightenment and personal growth, individuals poised to embrace the insights of antiquity.

We may soon be visiting a location near you. Would you be intrigued by the opportunity to receive a personalized reading from Sarah herself?

For further exploration of her teachings, visit:

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If you are a psychic, medium, or spiritual coach, you have certainly come across families that were blessed with intuitive children. Wanting to work with these families, their children, and guiding them through the challenges that they need to overcome to embrace and enhance such psychic abilities is no easy task. 

In Spiritual Nurturing for Intuitive Children, Michelle Henderson offers guidance to all sorts of healers on how to provide parents the tools and knowledge required to fully integrate psychic children into their families. What if instead of discouraging children’s spiritual growth, parents could be educated about the spiritual world?

The Book


Connect with Michelle

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